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Central Vacuum Accessory Kits

Improving Performance

Cana-Vac's top quality accessories drastically affect the overall performance and satisfaction you'll have with any central vacuum system.

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Rug & Floor Essentials

Excellent for hardwood floors, area rugs, berber, and
low pile carpeting.


The LS Rug & Floor pack is lightweight, affordable, and doesn’t require electricity. It gets the job done through an air driven turbine powerhead and is best suited for area rugs, simple floor surfaces, and most Berber products.

LS Power Essentials Pack

Excellent for hardwood floors, area rugs, berber, and low pile carpeting. Switch from hardwood to carpeting without changing tools.


The LS Power Essentials Powerhead features a dirt sensor that shows you when a floor surface is dirty or clean. Its built-in rug guards prevent the powerhead from grabbing onto carpet and jamming up. Unlike traditional belt drives, it’s cogged design eliminates belt stretching and provides steady, reliable performance.

LS Performance Pack

Superb for hardwood floors, area rugs, berber, and plush/ultra plush carpeting. Features a powerhead with adjustable heights.


The LS Performance Powerhead uses a high impact, rubber squeegee to reduce debris from kicking back and maximize airflow. Its sleek cogged belt drive eliminates loss of performance through belt stretching and increases vacuum contact with all floor surfaces. Debris is directed to the strongest performance point by a chevron brush roll.

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