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Connextions is an authorized Xplornet dealer, and our technicians are certified to install Xplornet 4G Fixed Wireless and 4G Satellite High-Speed Internet Systems. Our installations are covered by our 90-day Dealer Installation Workmanship Warranty and backed up by Xplornet's 30-day Money Back Guarantee.


A basic installation is FREE. Anything beyond the scope of a basic installation may incur additional charges, which will be quoted by the technician on site if required. If the technician is able to obtain signal on the technology agreed to at the time of ordering, we will expect to proceed with the installation at that time. If we cannot reach you with signal, or there are costs above and beyond a basic installation that are required to reach you with service, it will be your option to proceed or cancel the installation. We are WAIVING the site survey charge for new residential Xplornet customers.

Basic - Installed onto brick instead of mortar for more stability
Basic - Roof patches and silicone used as a preventative measure, installing only to studs under shingles
Non-penetrating Mount
Special - Designed for flat roofs to prevent drilling holes into roof. Mainly used in commercial installations but may also be used in residential. Not part of a basic installation.
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To review the basic installation standards and system requirements please visit Xplornet's website here.
Then, please call us at ​1 (844) 636 0300 Toll Free so we can answer any questions and book your installation!

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