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Xplornet 4G Rural High-Speed Internet

Xplornet offers plans to suit both residential and business users. All service plans include robust e-mail, powered by Google Apps, technical support and customer service 24/7/365 from Xplornet's Canadian call centres, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Plans are available with a choice of contract terms. Business customers, please see the Xplornet Business Plans page.


Xplornet offers Internet Service to rural communities across Canada. In Southwestern Ontario, we offer 4G Fixed Wireless and 4G Satellite. Unlike cellular services like the 'Hub' or 'Stick', Xplornet 4G is consistent, reliable, and includes a generous amount of monthly data. Monthly prices are below, and basic installation is always FREE! For current activation fees and any special offers, please see the current promotions page.

4G Fixed Wireless Plans

In many areas, Xplornet offers 4G Fixed Wireless Internet service from ground-based broadcast towers. If you are within range of a 4G Fixed Wireless tower, our technician will mount a small (approximately 10" x 10") subscriber module (SM) on the outside of your home or business, run outdoor rated Ethernet cable from the SM into the building where it connects to a power supply. Another Ethernet cable then connects to a single computer or a customer-supplied Wi-Fi Router to supply service to multiple computers. The technician will ground the system, seal any holes related to the installation, and test the system.

4G Satellite Plans

If your location is not within range of a 4G Fixed Wireless tower, or there are obstructions that prevent our technician from obtaining adequate signal levels, we can install Xplornet 4G Satellite Internet service. 4G Satellite offers the same package speeds and data allowances as 4G Fixed Wireless, but the service is delivered via a satellite link to one of 2 new Xplornet High Throughput Satellites. 4G Satellite is available at any location in Southern and Central Ontario, as long as you have an unobstructed view of the southern sky (tip: if you have Bell or Shaw Direct Satellite TV, you should be able to get 4G Satellite Internet).

Personalized Installation

If you need extra height to obtain signal our technician will discuss your options for mounting the SM on an outbuilding, a TV antenna tower, or a mast pipe mounted on your roof or chimney. Extra charges will apply for these solutions, the technician will provide you with a no-obligation quote. We also offer non-penetrating roof mounts for flat roof installations. If we still cannot reach you, or you choose not to proceed with a non-basic installation, we can still reach you with NEW 4G Satellite.


Our expert sales staff and installation technicians will determine the best service at your location and will neatly and professionally install your new Internet service.


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